SketchUp Pro這個軟件套裝包括 SketchUp Pro ( 桌面版 PC/Mac 全功能建模工具 ) Layout ( 將您的 3D 設計轉換為詳細的 2D 繪圖與文件 ) Style Builder ( 運用自訂樣式,打造品牌專屬風格 ) SketchUp VR/AR Mobile Viewer ( 搭配擴增實境和虛擬實境檢視應用程式,以 1:1 比例瀏覽模型 ) SketchUp for Web ( 在網頁型 3D 建模工具中,讓專案效果栩栩如生 ) 在網上購買後,我們的客戶服務會儘快和閣下聯絡並啟動你的SketchUp Account,請在結帳時留低準確的姓名及電郵以作安排。整個過程約為1星期,期間請件可暫使用試用版以達到無縫交接。 SketchUp Pro Include: SketchUp Pro (Produce stunning work in our professional desktop modeler.) Layout (Turn your 3D designs into detailed 2D drawings and documents.) Style Builder (Brand your design with custom styles.) SketchUp VR/AR Mobile Viewer ( View and share SketchUp files right on your mobile device — wherever you are.) SketchUp for Web (Bring your projects to life in a web-based 3D modeler.) Our Customer services will contact you for account activation, please leave your accurate Email and name for registration. The overall process will be completed around a week. Please use the trail version for temporarily substitution.