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Practical Excel Tips for Office Professionals

See how practical tips and tricks will enhance productivity

Introduction 引言

Microsoft Excel is widely used amongst all expertise. Most users have some basic understanding of Excel, but may need a hand when it comes to the operating the special features. There are many functions and tips which users can benefit from to achieve better results in their Excel practice. This course is suitable for general users to participate, where classes go through practical use and focuses on a variety of Excel tips, application skills and troubleshooting.

Course Objectives 課程目標

  • Workbook and worksheet management
  • Hacking Excel’s built-in features
  • Hacking Pivot Table
  • Naming Hacks
  • Hack formulas and functions

This course would let you be more productive and effective in Microsoft Excel, and it is a good preparation for those taking the Microsoft Office Specialist certification.

  • Qualified and experienced instructors
  • Weekdays and weekend classes available