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Certificate in BIM Design with Autodesk Revit

BIM technology is becoming the dominant trend and standard in the building industry

Course Description

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is now the most advanced architectural design/analysis tool. The application of BIM in the AEC industry is quickly growing in Hong Kong. The course aims at providing participants with professional training to acquire knowledge and skills to use the BIM capabilities offered by Autodesk Revit Architecture. 

About BIM

This is a local BIM course in Hong Kong!
What you need is not only how to use Revit, but more importantly, how to operate BIM projects in Hong Kong!
We are convinced that Certificate in BIM Design with Autodesk Revit can help you integrate into the BIM project team in Hong Kong as soon as possible, and provide immediate results!

Course content localization advantages

  • The entire textbook was co-authored by local BIM engineers.
  • Practice material 100% reference to local projects
  • Teach students to follow the standard signature guidelines on Family Naming
  • Using Curtain Wall in the changing Hong Kong window
  • Learn to make staircases and fire exits in compliance with the laws of Hong Kong
  • Create meaningful schedules
  • Provide industry-accepted output file format (DWF / NWD)
  • Learn to use Group and Link Revit to handle massive data processing such as public housing
  • Learn the proper way to use the Workset

About Practice files and settings

The practice files of this course have been attached. The version is Revit 2020 and you can use same software for this training. The course includes an assignment which you will complete under the guidance and training of your tutor.

Suitable for me?

  • Design constructional project effectively with Revit.
  • Produce high-quality, consistent design documents
  • Understand BIM teamwork for effective project management and coordination.

Course Features

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:

  • Revit is the hottest topic and application tool in ACE fields. It is now an important subject that ACE professionals go after to equip themselves with up-to-date skills to climb the career ladder.
  • BIM technology is becoming the dominant trend and standard in the building industry.
  • The course gives you solid and thorough training on Revit. Course content covers from operating to administrating BIM projects.
  • AOTG (Autodesk Offical Training Guide) is used to ensure the highest quality.
  • The course is CEF approved. Qualified Hong Kong residents are eligible for a maximum of 80% course fee subsidy.
  • Students will get the Autodesk Official Course Completion Certificate on course completion.
  • Students will get the Student Software free of charge for home practice.
  • You will get a free account at classroom.google.com for extra learning resources and out-of-classroom support.

Course Support

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Related physical course

  • This course is related to the Certificate in BIM Design with Autodesk Revit

Can the course apply for CEF? This course is part of Certificate in BIM Design with Autodesk Revit. If you are personally eligible to apply and complete:

(1) 80% of attendance time

(2) Submit and pass the assignment

You can apply for CEF funding of up to 80% of the tuition fee. To apply for the Continuing Education Fund, regardless of whether an account has been opened in the past, all the CEF procedures may apply after completed the course. The fund will issue to applicant’s account in about four to six weeks.

Get Certified / Further Study

Students are encouraged to take the certification to learn and establish a professional position in study and employment. This course has been included in the “Learn & Certified” program, students will promote to take a Revit Certified User Exam within one year, free of charge! The plan allows you to have enough time and resources to learn, to combat, to test and to prove your professional qualifications! You can learn what you have learned and got the professional qualifications of Revit Certified User to add to your learning outcomes!

*Note that this certification is not a requirement for completing this course, but we highly recommend that students take this professional certification to give you recognition of your skills.

Face-to-face Course Schedules


Course No. 課程編號Info. 語言/系統/地點Duration 面授時數Start 開課日End 完課日Time 上課時段Day(s) 上課日
Certificate in BIM Design with Autodesk Revit
RVTB-13C19E20200525English / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions25/0524/061900-2200MON,WED
RVTB-25D29K20200526Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions26/0509/060945-1245;1400-1700TUE,FRI
RVTC-7A50K20200607Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions07/0609/081000-1300SUN
RVTB-25C09K20200609Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions09/0610/071900-2200TUE,FRI
RVTB-14C18E20200618English / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions18/0623/071900-2200THU,MON
RVTB-24C35K20200623Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions23/0628/071900-2200TUE,THU
RVTB-6D50K20200704Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions04/0701/081000-1300;1400-1700SAT
RVTC-6A32K20200711Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions11/0712/091000-1300SAT
RVT-13D37K20200713Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions13/0727/070945-1245;1400-1700MON,WED
RVTB-13C36K20200727Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions27/0726/081900-2200MON,WED
RVTB-24C39E20200728English / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions28/0728/081900-2200TUE,FRI
RVTB-52C07K20200807Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions07/0808/091900-2200FRI,TUE
RVTC-7A51K20200809Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions09/0811/101000-1300SUN
RVT-14D10E20200810English / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions10/0824/080945-1245;1400-1700MON,THU
RVT-52D6K20200814Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions14/0828/080945-1245;1400-1700FRI,TUE
RVTC-6B26K20200815Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions15/0817/101400-1700SAT
RVTB-52C20K20200904Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions04/0909/101900-2200FRI,TUE
RVTB-6D51K20200905Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions05/0903/101000-1300;1400-1700SAT
RVTC-7A06K20200906Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions06/0908/111000-1300SUN
RVTB-31C02E20200907English / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions07/0907/101900-2200MON,WED
RVTB-35C23K20200923Cantonese / PC / MongKok30 hours / 10 sessions23/0928/101900-2200WED,FRI
Certificate in BIM Design with Autodesk Revit (Eng)